TCC Mastermind Paris 23

Join us in the breathtaking city of Paris for a three-day experiential retreat that will change your life! This mastermind promises to be an intimate and transformative experience that you won't want to miss.

TCC Mastermind PARIS 23
Ignite Your Inner Light in the City of Light

JUNE 9-11, 2023

Judy Thureson, Rich Habets, Steve & Kamene Bacon,
and Erik Thureson

The details

Join us in the breathtaking city of Paris for a three day experiential retreat that will change your life! Due to a very limited number of participants, this retreat promises to be an intimate and transformative experience that you won't want to miss.

To secure your spot, click the registration button below. Once you're registered, get ready for three days of learning, growth, and adventure.

During the day, we'll dive deep into powerful workshops that will equip you with tools for understanding the power of your mind, and how to bring your creation into reality. These workshops are designed to be interactive and all our coaches will be on hand to give their valuable expertise on helping you with your goals and dreams.

Following the workshops in the late afternoon and evening, we'll come together for networking, creating, sightseeing, and tours of some of Paris's most iconic landmarks.

Throughout the retreat, expect to learn and discuss topics such as healing, self-love, and living authentically, which will help you fully embrace and believe in yourself to create the life you desire. Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity!.


Meet The Speakers

Meet Judy Thureson

Meet Judy Thureson, a transformational coach with a decade of experience helping clients improve their mental, physical, and spiritual health. She empowers people to live authentically and unlock their inner strength to overcome life's challenges.
Judy's personal journey, including the tragic loss of her son in 2019, inspired her to write the #1 bestselling book, Beautiful Tragedy. In it, she introduces the GIVE Principle, a powerful tool for navigating life's most difficult moments. Join us at our upcoming event to learn from Judy's wisdom and discover how to build resilience and thrive even in the face of adversity.

Meet Rich Habbets

Meet Rich Habets, a trusted corporate advisor and coach with 13 years of experience working with over 6,000 people in 20+ countries and four continents. His coaching is grounded in his extensive knowledge of human psychology, transformation,
and common sense.
Rich's coaching has helped his clients upgrade their culture, enhance performance, solve problems, improve well-being, reduce stress, and build their bottom line. He believes in the power of coaching to drive personal and professional growth and has seen firsthand its positive impact. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Rich's expertise and take your leadership to the next level.

Meet Steve & Kamene Bacon

Meet Steve, an accomplished entrepreneur turned life coach with 17 years of experience helping busy entrepreneurs, executives, and celebrities find balance and reach new levels of success. He founded Belief Theory in 2015 to support state and local governments, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 sales teams. Steve's dedication to helping others has made him a highly sought-after coach, speaker, and mentor. Learn from his expertise and unique ability to connect with individuals and empower them to achieve their goals and create positive change in their lives.

Meet Kamene Bacon, who is a highly qualified relationship coach and art therapist who specializes in helping individuals and couples create and become their best selves in their relationships. She is a registered art therapist who uses her unique approach to creativity to help her clients achieve their dreams. What sets Kamene apart is her ability to use art as a therapeutic tool in the coaching process, allowing her clients to tap into their creative potential to unlock deeper insights and achieve lasting results.

Meet Erik Thureson

Erik Thureson is a visionary audio and video production expert with an impressive track record of success in the entertainment industry. He has worked for some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, including the NFL, Fox Sports, Disney, and the Oscars.
His passion in creating content, developing strategies, and building passive income, has helped a number of others grow their influence and increase revenue.  Erik is a true believer in entrepreneurship, and he is committed to helping others succeed.

What Others are Saying About TCC?

This high-energy, highly collaborative group is unmatched. - Minda P.

"I love everything Judy and her team put into creation, and TCC is no exception. This high-energy, highly collaborative group is unmatched. Each time I am blessed to learn from them, [and] I leave shifted in profound ways."

A Truly Transformative Experience! - Dave O.

"[TCC’s last event] was an exceptional gathering of people passionate about relationships, communication, and personal development. They shared valuable insights and strategies for creating ways of being, listening, and communicating. It was a truly transformative experience!"